First prototype

06 Mar 2015

Even though there are still some children completing the game evaluations, the iterative nature of my development process means that I can begin working on a first prototype game, as future design changes can be incorporated at a later stage.

So a first prototype game is currently in progress. The initial feedback from the evaluations showed that children enjoyed a variety of gameplay features. One of these was collecting items (like coins or LEGO pieces). I’ve decided to focus on this initially, as it was extremely obvious how to incorporate task switching into this kind of gameplay: we start off with a several groups of different objects, and switch which groups the player has to collect.

So I’m currently working on a top-down collecting game. As if changing the target collectibles wasn’t enough, I’ve also implemented two control systems, which will randomly switch during gameplay, and I’ve added obstacles which randomly appear and block the player’s current path.

I haven’t created original graphics yet, so I can’t really post any screenshots at the moment, but the game is playable, with most of the features implemented. I expect to get the assets started over the weekend, so look out for some screenshots on this blog early next week.

Posted by Nigel Robb