Play testing our first prototype

23 Mar 2015

Our first prototype is now ready for play testing.

The children who took part in the design of the game expressed preferences for games in which they controlled an animated character, and games in which they had to collect items. So the first game I’ve developed incorporates these two features.

The game presents the player with a screen full of creatures. Here’s what they look like:

You’ll notice that there are two distinguishing features: each creature has a colour and a shape. This is the key to the task switching in the game – sometimes the player has to collect creatures based on their colour (i.e. ignore the red and collect the blue), while at other times they have to focus on the shape (i.e. ignore the cuboids and collect the pyramids). So the game forces the player to constantly switch how they conceptualise the creatures.

On top of that, every so often a rock appears and rolls towards the player’s character. When this happens, the player has to stop thinking about collecting creatures and run away, because if the rock hits them they lose points.

The game adapts its difficulty depending on how well the player is doing. Getting the difficulty just right is one of the hardest parts of game development, so hopefully the play testing will help me to tweak these settings.

You can play the game in a web browser at this link.

You can also download it from Google Play.

Posted by Nigel Robb